Baltimore County and the State of Maryland are divided into several sets of districts for various levels of government.  Each Baltimore County resident has 1) a U.S. Congressional District, 2) a Maryland Legislative Senate District, 3) a Maryland Legislative House of Delegates District, and 4) a Baltimore County Councilmanic District.

Use this page to find your districts, view interactive maps, and zoom all the way down to street level to see where your house lands.  Then, find your friends' districts and let them know which candidates they can support.  Help us strengthen the party step-by-step!

To find your districts, use the tool below from the Maryland State Board of Elections.  Simply enter your information, and on the results page, click the tab that says, "My Voting Districts."  There are other districts listed as well, but the most significant for electing Republican officeholders are "Congressional District," "Legislative District," "Councilmanic District," and "Senatorial Districts."

What Are My Districts?


Use the links below to view interactive maps of all the districts.

Baltimore County GOP